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cheese please

CHEESE, please....

i posted my fat free pesto sauce recipe earlier this week and received
many lovely comments, thank you.

i think because i have a tendency to ramble, my REQUEST for a good sharp
tasting cheese (non or low fat) brand might have been buried in my
muddle over the pesto, if so, i have dissected it from its original form
and wish to post it alone.   this cheese thing is a big quandary around
our house, especially since we love grilled cheese sandwiches on sour
dough bread or in quesedilla's.  help, please.

THE QUESTION IS....can anyone PLEASE suggest a good Nonfat/LOW fat
cheese that has
some BITE to it....not salty taste, but some TANG.... we miss that taste

that we used to have in a  good old aged cheddar.  if your suggestions
not fat free, then as low in the fat content as possible would be

help....we miss cheese so much.  trader joe's has some
excellent substitutes, but we miss a cheese with ZIP and TANG of an aged

cheese....most of these excellent substitutes are a bit
on the flat tasting side, although they melt beautifully which is a big
plus for us cheese lovers.  could someone please help lead the way.

happy st. patrick's day to ye all.  angels be with you always.  you are
the best.  i have met some wonderful people through this digest.  i hope

to maintain those wonderful friendships and hopefully make even more. i
will definitely reply to anyone who writes.  thanks for making the world

a happier place and all of us a whole lot healthier.    bless you!   >i<