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For many years we had a Champion juicer.  What's good about it is that
it's very heavy duty and powerful .  Cheaper ones may wear out sooner if
used for
carrots.  what I also liked about it was that I could do unending amounts
of carrots/apples/etc.  You put the food into the feed tube, press it down
with a solid cylinder; the juice comes out the bottom into a measuring cup
that you've thoughtfully put there; the fiber comes out the end into a
larger bowl that you've also thoughtfully put there.

Disadvantages:  heavy to lift in and out of the cupboard; not easy to
clean, noisy (goes with all that power).

We sold our juicer for half its retail price through an ad in the paper.
You might have some luck finding one that way too - under Juicer wanted.

Juice: has the fiber removed, the fruit and vegie sugars then become quite
concentrated.  Good for you???or not.

Barb B