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Re: vitamix ideas

<<I recently purchased a vita-mix and thought it would totally
revolutionize my cooking, but I am finding it is not as useful as I
thought. The soups are really pureed vegetables and do not really taste
like a wholesome chunky soup. The juices are very thick and when I have
made ice-cream/sorbets they tend to be a little runny. Does anyone have
a vita-mix and how do you use it? I am wondering if I just need to get
used to how to use it or have I purchased an expensive blender?>>

First, if you don't use it, and you have had it less than 30 days, return it 
- their customer service is excellent. When we got it, we immediately di all 
30 things it was supposed to do - to see if this expensive piece of machinery 
would pull its weight in our home.

If you decide you don't want it, and want to recoup part of your cost, try 
Ebay - the prices can get high there.

I have a Vita-Mix and we use it constantly. We love the ice cream, and it is 
usually the consistency of Dairy Queen, which, if you are wanting hard ice 
cream is runny. If yours is softer, just add more frozen ingrdients. The best 
part is getting it done in a few minutes, including clean-up.

The juices are not thick, if you mix them correctly. Keep in mind that when 
you juice this way, you get the full benefit of the fiber and peels, unlike 
with other juicers (I have one of those as well that I rarely use).

If you prefer chunks in your soup, just micro-steam extra veggies to add at 
the end. I always stem my soup veggies in the nuker, with just 1-2 TB of 
water, and a wet paper towel over them.

The grain grinding has helped us realize huge savings. Here in town, the only 
place to get whole grain flours is at the health food store or the little 
supermarket "kiosks" - at 7-8 times the whole grain price! I would rather 
whip it up from the whole grain myself, a bit at a time. When you buy flour 
ground, it is more likely to go rancid than in whole grain form, anyway.

I have no affiliation, just love my Vita-Mix (have had it 3 years), and my 
Neova cookware from the same company.