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Beet Greens

Beet Greens are the best of the Greens,  We cook them any way we would any
other Green.  They are best at thinning time with a baby beet on the end.
Beets are a must in any garden.

One I like best is as follows:

I take the Beets greens and slice them in 1 inch pieces put them in a
non-stick fry pan with some chopped onion.
In the blender I put a fourth of a piece of tofu and water to make one cup,
one Teaspoon of vegetable bouillon, three full teaspoons arrowroot, one
teaspoon of curry and blend.
After the greens are hot I pour in the blended mixture and cook until thick.

I like it best on brown rice, or baked potato.

Sometimes I cook 1/4 cup each  of brown rice, Barley, wild rice, and lentils
in two cups of water for a hour(simmer it after bring to a boil).

Earl Brunner