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Wild Ginger and a New Cookbook

Okay, troops, here's an off-the-wall question for you.  In a peripheral
incident in novel I am reading, the Japanese family goes clam-digging and
then has their evening meal on the beach with rice flavored with wild ginger
gathered on the spot.  Now I happen to have wild ginger in my garden.  Is it
the same thing?  Can I use it in my kitchen?  Which part of it--leaves,
stem, roots?  And how must it be prepared?  I loooove ginger & would love to
find a way to use this.  "My" plant grows low to the ground, loves the
shade, gets white flowers, and has huge dark green heart-shaped leaves (like
violets on steroids) and slender stems.  Any ideas?

My new favorite cookbook, by the way, is 1,000 Lowfat Recipes by Terry
Blonder Golson.  It's neither all vegetarian (though many recipes are) nor
fatfree (but very lowfat; most recipes have no more than a tablespoon of
olive oil), but the flavor in everything I've tried so far is superb.  She
has a real genius for seasoning the dish just right.  We've had some
wonderful salads and soups from her book.  That includes the opinion of my
carnivorous-by-preference-but-cooperative husband, and my much more
skeptical grown son.

Thanks for help!

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