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Re: Seattle restaurants

	For Jenny who inquired about restaurants in Seattle: I can only tell
you about vegetarian ones, because they're the only ones I frequent, but
IMHO the VERY best restaurant in Seattle is Bamboo Garden. It's vegan,
kosher, and at your request will make almost anything they serve without oil
(spring rolls and the like being the exception). It's small, family-run,
casual, and relatively inexpensive. If you love mushrooms of any or all
types, this is the place for you! It's two blocks away from the Seattle
Center, at 364 Roy Street. As the name implies, it's a Chinese restaurant.
	For great Indian-Middle Eastern food, I recommend Silence-Heart-Nest
on the outskirts of the University district at 5247 University Way N.E. Not
quite as many fat-free choices, but very good food, substantial servings and
an interesting choice of chutneys.
	And for vegan Thai food, there's Araya's Vegetarian Place, in the
heart of the University district at 4732 University Way N.E. Again, not as
many fatfree choices as Bamboo Garden, but good food.
	Enjoy your stay in Seattle. Perhaps by the time you get here it will
be summer! We've had hail storms the past two days and struggling with
getting into the 60s, while those on the East Coast are sweltering in the