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Translation, please!

Hi, all,

Happy June, everyone.  I'm here to once again display my ignorance, this time 
in response to Aiko visiting next door to me in New York (I'm in NJ, an 
hour's drive west).  Are you enjoying our hot, sticky pre-summer swelter?

First, because I'm extremely silly, you have to help me rid myself of the 
idiotic mental picture I have of an "heirloom tomato salad".  As I am neither 
trendy nor on vacation, I have no idea what that could be in reality.  Then 
we move onto Michelle's comment, <<  Yamaimo?  Ewww.  You probably like 
natto, too, don't you?  >>  I'm guessing that yamaimo relates to the mountain 
potato sashimi (I know what sashimi is but we're probably not talking about a 
normal potato) and what is natto???  

Please, someone please post the answers to the list for others who may be 
terminally curious but not as willing to admit it.  So many new foods, so 
little time to experiment...