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Bread Machines...

To the person who asked about bread machines...
For a while, we borrowed my boyfriend's father's bread maker...a Black and
Decker.  Wonderful thing, but an older model, so no timer or window at the
top.  When his father asked for the machine back, we did all we could to
stall him (we use a pizza crust recipe from the archives that is so good it
has practically changed our lives!)...until last week, when we saw an Oster
1 ½ -pound Bread machine on sale at Target for 40 bucks.  We bought the
Oster and have used it twice since we got it (once for the pizza dough, once
for a cinnamon-raisin bread), and it's been great!  Both the dough and the
bread slipped right out of the pan, the window is handy for checking to make
sure the dough is moist enough or too moist, there's a beeper for adding
fruit and stuff, a timer to set it ahead (handy when we want fresh pizza
dough to be finished when we get home from work!)...and there are also
cycles for jam and quick breads/cakes.  

I plan to try it out in the upcoming weeks using whole grains and maybe some
gluten, to test out the whole wheat cycles.  Any suggestions?  Any recipes
you guys have would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone...I love this list!