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Need recipe for Tempeh Lala

Hi all,

I had a special treat the other day when I met my nephew for lunch in
Santa Cruz. He's a student at UCSC and a new vegetarian. He took me to a
wonderful restaurant near the Pacific Garden Mall called Asia Rose. It
was small, with a walk-up-and-order counter and a nice courtyard to sit
in. (Tables inside as well.) All the items were vegan, don't know about
fat content, but things didn't look very "shiny".

Anyway, I tried something called Tempeh Lala that had tempeh in thin
strips, might have been dipped in sesame seeds. It was crunchy and sweet
and really delicious. I don't know if there's a non-tempeh Lala out
there in the world, or if this is something they created themselves. If
you can help with a recipe, I would love it!

Julie in San Jose