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re: rice cooker

Jenny, it's not a separate recipe, but I started tossing in some hard wheat
with the brown basmati rice I make in our rice steamer.  Just a little for
some crunch ... my husband the "oh, man, not something else new!" guy didn't
mind that little change, and I've just slowly added more and more without
any trouble.

For the cooking water, I often use veggie stock instead (or 1/2 and 1/2) for
some extra flavor.  Also will add herbs and a sprig of rosemary for pilafs.



From: Mike and Jenny <jenmik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: rice cooker

Have recently got myself a rice cooker. I'm after any ideas or recipes
for cooking other grains, not just rice in it. I'd like to cook
buckwheat, wheat, bulgar, millet, even cous cous. Actually, any rice