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Re: In search of a delicious veggie burger

In a message dated 6/11/99 12:55:50 PM PST, soles96@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

 Does anyone know of a veggie burger that is tasty and does not contain 
 cheese or milk?  I use to enjoy the hamburger style burger from GardenBurger 
 until I found that it was loaded with cheese.  Last night I bought the 
 original burger from Morning Star.  It was not the worst, but it surely was 
 not the best.
Tyeisha - I really like Boca Burgers - but they make different kinds, and if 
you want the vegan, make sure it's the kind that says "Vegan Original".  It's 
been a long time since I ate meat, but I swear these taste just like it.  I 
get them at the Ralph's Grocery store, it's a big chain, so you should be 
able to find them in your freezer section.