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Re: Disney Help needed

Hi Nancy,

My husband and I were at Disney last December for 2 days.  Get thee
hence to Guest Services!  We found that if we called the day before, we
could arrange meals in a number of restaurants in the place (we were
mostly at Epcot -- ate at the restaurant at "The Land" (where the chef
actually enjoyed the opportunity to cook vegan, using fresh veggies he
hand-picked himself from the hydroponic greenhouse on-site!), and the
restaurant (named Marrakesh, I think?) in the Morrocco pavilion).  If
the Guest Services folks themselves can't help you, they're quite happy
to connect you with the restaurant kitchen staff so you can arrange with
them directly.

We didn't have much trouble with breakfast or lunch, and the two dinners
we ate there were some of the best meals I've _ever_ eaten!

Guest Services is one of the most wonderful organizations I've ever had
the pleasure to work with.  Their entire job is to find some way to make
you happy with your Disney experience.  I know many, many organizations
around the world that really should send their people to Disney for some
customer service training...

Have fun!


Nancy Adkins wrote:
> OK I know it I have  lost my mind but anyway here goes.   My husband has a
> convention in Orlando Florida at the end of July so we are going and taking
> our daughter and her friend for graduation.  Is it possible to eat healthy
> in Mickey Land or is it a pipedream and should I just pack everything and
> not even try   All help will be deeply appreciated as we are still a little
> new to all this ( almost 4 months now) but who's counting.
> TaTa for Now,
> Nancy L. Adkins
> BayWind Farm
> Bethany Beach, Delaware
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> Family tree page:
> http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/a/d/k/Nancy-L-Adkins/
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