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We tried the Natalie Frankel-Dawn Baumbach-Moosewood Restaurant Japanese
carrot dressing last evening.  Yum!  To my taste it was a little spicy--next
time I'd use half the ginger.  (I agree, it wants SOME ginger!)  That might
have been because I was also eating (store-boughten) Korean veggie kimchee
dumplings for dinner.  They were also spicy!  Anyhow, my husband LOVES salad
("Have I died and gone to heaven?"), so he won't mind if I keep
experimenting!  Thanks, all, and thanks, Chalon, for forwarding the recipes
to me!

And hi, Natalie, nice to "hear your voice" again!  Haven't "seen" you for a
while, it seems.

Chicago is...my kind of town.  Any GOOD restaurant will accommodate your
tastes.  Get a copy of Chicago magazine (any newsstand) and read the
restaurant reviews.  They are alphabetical and then re-listed by name only
by geography.  You can call ahead and inquire about their flexibility.  My
standard speech, when the waiter comes around and asks if we have any
questions, is: "I'd like your advice.  I'm looking for something that is
vegetarian or with fish, no meat, no dairy products at all, and very  little
or no fat. What do you recommend?" (That's my personal set of
parameters...YMMV.)  I try to have one or two dishes in mind from the menu
to ask if they meet my parameters.  I almost always get something
great--often better than what my dinner companions get!  Most restaurants
are willing to swap sauces, omit cheese, and so on.  The good ones enjoy the
challenge, especially if you've called ahead.  Downtown, we like Coco Pazzo
and Cyrano de Bergerac (one French, one Italian).  The Art Institute, Shedd
Aquarium, and other museums are wonderful and have good restaurants.  Just
today I had a great roasted vegetable plate at the Shedd.  My future
daughter-in-law had a fresh fruit plate.  Both very good.  If you venture
out to the suburbs, we love Barrington Country Bistro (in The Foundry on Rte
14, Northwest Hwy) and D&J Bistro in Lake Zurich (corner of Rte 12 and Rte
22).  That's just a start, of course.  Chicago is known for many and
wonderful restaurants of every flavor of the world.  Enjoy.  And take the
Wendella Water Taxi (river or lake)--enjoy the architectural tour.  Chicago
is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Do I sound like I love my adopted city?  Enjoy.

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