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RE: Disney help

I admit I have also lost my mind, we are going to
Disney ourselves in 2 weeks with our 9yo :-)

Anyways based on my research and past experiences, I
have reservations at the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant 
in MGM (they suggested I call a couple days in advance and 
speak to the chef about what I'd like to eat!), and the 
California Grill at the Contemporary hotel (you can
take the monorail if you're at the Magic kingdom) 
which has good veggie sushi and other dishes, very
nice place esp. if the rest of your family eats nonveggie. 

 From past visits:
Morocco in Epcot has good veggie couscous and belly dancing
to entertain the kids :-)  The veggie appetizer is tasty but
NOT lowfat. We'll probably go there one night.
The Crystal Palace buffet wasn't bad, if you ask they will
make you plain pasta and steamed veggies.

The Sleepy Hollow (unless it changed) was VERY high fat
although vegetarian. I couldn't eat anything there.  There
is one counter service in Tomorrowland that serves veggie
burgers, and I had a decent lowfat veggie plate (beans, baked
potato wedges, etc) at the sitdown restaurant in Liberty
Sq for lunch.  There is a food court at the Land in Epcot,
that had a baked potato outlet.  Also the Life pavilion has
a fairly healthy fast food place.  Of course all these were 
from 2years ago so things could have changed!

If you have a car, there is a huge 24hour supermarket at the
Crossroads shopping center that you can shop at for supplies.
There is also a restaurant in there (Pebbles?) that all of us
Have a good trip, perhaps we'll pass by at the airport ;-)

now, if anyone has been to Universal Studios, can you pass on any
LF veggie tips????