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re: cucumbers, summer squash

For extra cucumbers and summer squash, look for Middle Eastern and Greek
recipes.  I meant to bring some in on a disk, but at least you can search
for recipes.  Lots of diced cucumber is great mixed into tabbouleh salad,
added to falafel pitas (bake the falafel), made into the traditional
yogurt/cucumber salad, etc.  Summer squash can be used in veggie versions of
kibbe and diced into the various lentil dishes.  Lebanese spicing is so
compatible with summer squash that you shouldn't be afraid to add it when it
isn't called for - I wonder if that region didn't experience the world's
first zucchini overload!
You can also add nice chunks of zucchini to minestrone and pasta (I HATE
grated zucchini), and lightly steam it and add to leafy salads.
Have fun!  I can't wait for mine to come in!