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Nama Shoyu

Hi, I'm new, and I have a question.  I bought a book called
"RAW: the UNcook Book", and it makes frequent use of a product
called Nama Shoyu.  I've discovered that Shoyu is Japanee
soy sauce, but can't locate Nama Shoyu anywhere.  Anyone
know where to find it?  The author says if you don't have
it to substitute 1/4 cup miso and 1 1/2 cups fresh-squeezed orange

Also about cookbooks-- I have purchased two of Jay Solomon's
cookbooks from the recommended list at the FF bookstore.
They are the BEST cookbooks I've ever owned, and I've been
collecting cookbooks somewhat compulsively for years.
Thank you, Michelle!
My husband and I love these recipes.  Solomon combines ingredients
that you just KNOW are good for you into absolutely delicious recipes.
Bye for now,
Laurie from Oklahoma

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