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RE: Juicers

Jacqueline asked about juicers.  

Coincidentally, I've been doing some research on them lately, and have found
a wealth of information.  Most of the advantages of "juicing" are centered
around the speed with which food is digested (since the body is not
expending energy breaking down fiber).  It's not that you don't need the
fiber, but you can get it in other ways.

There's a large "raw foods" community out there that advocates eating
uncooked foods, because they say the healthful properties of food begin to
be broken down when heat is applied.  Juice is a good way to get the
beneficial properties of fruits and vegetables most efficiently and directly
(sans fiber and heat).  

At least, that's my understanding from the little I've read.

I bought a crappy (Juiceman II) juicer at Costco for $50.00, and have been
making carrot juice every morning.  I'm interested enough to buy a good
juicer (this cheap one will break down pretty quickly, I'm told).  

A pretty good site for comparative information on juicers is at:


It IS an online store, but they seem to sell most brands and don't have a
vested interest in any particular make, from what I can tell.  There's a
fair amount of information here.

I'm pretty sure I'm pushing the parameters of the list, but I will be happy
to entertain private correspondence with Jacqueline or anyone else who want
to exchange information.

Bob Williams
Nominal Leader, The Wooden Nickel Jass Band
The World's Most Modest Man


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From: Jacqueline McMillan <jmcmillan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Juicers 
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I have questions about juicers.  Does anyone have one?  What are your 
thoughts about owning a juicer, and has it really been beneficial?  All 
comments welcome.