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re: Beef NOT load from Mike Rosenblatt

Jenny Herl wrote:

>                            Beef Not Meatloaf
>Recipe By     : Mike Rosenblatt
>Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
>Categories    : Main Dish                        Ovo-Lacto
>                Tvp                              Very Low Fat
>  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
>--------  ------------  --------------------------------
>   1      cup           Beef NOT
>   1      cup           Hot water
>   1      teaspoon      Beef NOT powdered beef gravy mix -- (heaping)
>     1/2  cup           tomato catsup
>   2      tablespoons   Lipton onion soup dry mix-- -- (shake it up to get
>                         -- it mixed)


Just a note...I seem to recall that there were posts on this list or
another veg list about a year ago (they all kind of blend together after a
while)  regarding Lipton onion soup mix.  Someone called the customer
service number and found out that it is NOT vegetarian.  Apparently one of
the *natural flavorings* was beef.  If I remember correctly Campbell's dry
onion soup mix is vegetarian and I'm sure it could be substituted here.
I've been off the lists for quite a while, so if Lipton changed its formula
(or Campbell's did) please correct me.  Obviously the best way to find out
for sure would be to call the number yourself.  I'd call, but I don't have
any of either in my house, so I don't have the numbers.