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CookBook Recommendation

On a whim, I took out a cookbook from the library..It is called
"Millenium, Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine." I though, yeah
right...another one filled with fat and cheese.

Much to my amazement, this is a fantastic cookbook.  It espouses the vegan
vegetarian lifestyle and most recipes fit the guidelines of this list.
John McDougall wrote the forward. After reading the text and recipes, I am
inspired to travel to CA just to go to this place for a meal.

The recipes/instructions seem moderate to difficult. This weekend I'm
going to try the flaxseed french toast with warm apple compote for
breakfast. There are also recipes for making seitan and baking tofu.

There is nutritional analysis for all recipes; some recipes offer an
alternative w/o oil, and they do a separate nutritional analysis for the
oil and oil-free versions...There is also a fantastic desert section,
although, some of them are higher in fat than this list allows.