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buying in Bulk

I have been buying in bulk for over 4 years. We live in Wyoming but use
Mountain People's Warehouse located in California.I checked their
info...they DO service southern California also. 
This company has a 496 page catalog containing almost everything my
family consumes[that we can not grow or buy locally].We purchase 50
pound sacks of organic grains,beans...along with many other items
unavailable in Wyoming.
The minimum order is $ 500.00 but we have 12 ladies in my church who get
together and order about every 3 months. We also do swaps with each
other;if I only want 10 pounds of an item, I just buy it from the lady
that ordered a 50 pound sack.It works out well for all of us.
If our order doesn't come up to $ 500.00, we just go in with another
co-op in the next town over. My point for bringing this issue up, is to
suggest when contacting the company,[if you do]ask them for info on an
established co-op near you.Maybe you can just go in with them to get the
items you want. 
The company also has a wonderful variety of fresh,organic produce.
Their number is 1-800-679-6733