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Re: Knoxville

<<Well, I am coming out from lurking long enough to ask for help. I love
this list and all of the great recipes. Next month, I am moving to
Knoxville, TN. Where will I shop? I know about Kroger grocery stores,
are there any good health food stores or specialty shops that I should
know about? Also, any particularly tasty and/or interesting restaurants?
Thanks in advance.

Dear Apryl,
Welcome to Knoxville!  I am also a lurker who has lived in Knoxville for 3 1/2
years.  It is a wonderful town with lots to offer.  Along with the Kroger
stores you mention, there is a natural foods store called Nature's Pantry
located on Kingston Pike that offers organic produce, all manner of soyfoods,
supplements, etc.  The staff is knowledgeable, the atmosphere pleasant and
they frequently offer classes in health, nutrition and healing.  There is a
Vegetarian Society chapter and a few restaurants 
that offer (mostly) vegetarian cuisine.  Most notable is the Sunspot
restaurant on Cumberland Avenue (adjacent to the U of TN campus) which has
recently acquired one of Knoxville's most renowned chefs, David Pinkney.  Good
luck with your move!