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Fun Ways to Serve Snacks to Kids?

My daughter's girl scout troop meets right after school - from 3:30 to 5:30.
The leader is looking for idea's to serve them nutritional, healthy, snacks
without spoiling their dinner or giving them "junk" foods.

We've come up with a few ideas - turtles made from pear halves, carrot
sticks and raisins.  Pizza made from flattened biscuits, spaghetti sauce,
and ff shredded cheese.  Airpopped popcorn with spicy toppings.

We are looking for idea's - something that the girls can help make
themselves.  And with ingredients that most of them would like to eat.
They don't have to be FF, nor totally vegan.  Of course, these would be
better and healthier.

Any/all ideas would be greatly appreciated.  You can email me privately if
the ingredients don't meet the standards of this list. 


Dawn Baumbach
> =^..^=