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terracotta bakers

Reading about the baking stones made me remember a question I wanted to
ask about those clay casseroles that you soak in water before using.

I have one, but I only have recipes for meat and bread.  I would like to
know what else one can do with them.  Does anyone have any good
vegetarian recipes that can be done in a terracotta baker? ("clay
casserole" or whatever they are called.)

The one I have is "Brique Ware" made by Nordic Ware.  The only thing I
have done with it is to pile it full of vegetables such as potatoes,
carrots, turnips, parsnips,onions, celery, green peppers, and sprinkle
on some herbs and seasonings and let 'er rip at about 400 degrees F.

I find that some models can actually be used in a microwave.  but no

What I need is recipes.              Thanks                     Maggie