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cocoa in recipes

hi....yes, we use baking cocoa  all the time in our fat-free
recipes....we have used hershey's in the brown tin....just make sure
that it is for baking, not mixed with other ingredients like sugar for
hot drinks.  we much prefer using a dutch unsweetened cocoa for  baking
like "DROSTE"....is imported from holland, is in red box , 8.8oz and is
for baking and drinking....it is wonderful!  you can find it in most
larger stores but we have located it at cost plus too.  we have
perfected a wonderful fat-free chocolate cheese cake using it and using
less sugar than asked for.....the taste is much like a very rich
bittersweet chocolate, this "DROSTE" cocoa is not mild milk
chocolate....good luck to you   <wings@xxxxxxxxxxx>