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Kosher gelatin, again

Barbara Kaye (I assume - you signed it bk!) wrote:
> Hi Hadass! Thanks for the kind offer.  For me, any kind of gelatin is non
> vegetarian. I use
> >agar or pectin. But for those who wonder about kosher gelatin, the
> >heksher is a K.

Aha. Well, in that case, since it really doesn't have a hekhsher at all (a 
letter of the alphabet is not copyrightable), it could be anything, and you 
would be wise to avoid it if you are at all committed to kashrut, quite aside 
from the gelatin issue.

I know that certain products which would seem to be
> >'meat' products (as opposed to 'dairy') may not be because they have
> >been
> >so far changed from the original that they are deemed to be parave or
> >neutral.

That is exactly why there is so much controversy about the "kosher gelatin" 
issue. Different rabbis differ on how much is "so far changed from the 
original". For vegetarians, the whole issue is moot - if it came from an 
dead animal, kosher or not, I don't want to eat it.

BTW, somebody was complaining about "religious postings". Kashrut issues, 
within limits, actually are on-topic, IMHO, because many vegetarians rely 
on kosher markings to help them decide whether a product is vegetarian or 
not. So it helps to know something about it.

BTW, I was thrilled to discover yesterday that Nielsen fatfree stirred 
fruit yoghurt now has a reputable hekhsher (COR). They must have changed 
their formulation, since it used to contain gelatin, too. It's nice to have 
a choice.

Be well, Hadass