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cooking wine

> I found that adding dry wines to certain foods (wines such as dry
> sherry) makes them taste *salty* to me. In fact, I made spaghetti sauce
> once and added way too much dry white wine and it tasted so salty and
> tangy that I couldn't eat it.

I'm not doubting you here, but I'm just wish to clarify...

Are you certain you were using dry drinking wine rather than dry cooking
wine? Cooking wine has salt added to it. A LOT of salt. I think that's why
they are allowed to sell it in regular shopping centers here in Pennsylvania
as opposed to just liquor stores. (We can't buy any alcohol in a
supermarket.) If you have problems with salt, you should stick to the kind
you are supposed to drink.

I've always used broth in lieu of wine for friends who can't tolerate
alchohol. I find that juice is too sweet, and water doesn't quite cut it.