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Re: Digest 99 #19 - to Renee Kemske

Renee - 
I face the same questions all the time, particularly from people who are
overweight, looking for a way to justify their lifestyles, telling
themselves *they're* more healthy, because they get enough fat, or god knows
Don't let it make you defensive, because that only damages your good day, or
mood, or moment.  Since you have confidence in your choices - and they are
choices - just feel sorry for their ignorance.  Smile and remind yourself
there's that unexpected moment you're able to teach, whether you're aware of
it or not, and answer their questions.  Feel free to tell them you're very
careful, and you educate yourself about what you put into your body.  .

Even with the most recent news documenting those who eat less that 10% fat
running the risk of the bad LDLs taking over (ALIENS! <scream>), we get
enough naturally occurring fat, I believe.  After all, what's oatmeal got?
(I've forgotten.)  

Education is the best defense.  Conversations are often initiated by my SIL
as to my eating habits, exactly along the lines you mention.  As she shovels
in a family-sized bag of m&ms.  I also use this line, when asked "why are
YOU on a diet?":  "Oh, I don't diet.  I make life-style choices so I don't
need to diet.  Dieting is unhealthy and unsuccessful.  I'm sure you've
experienced that."   (Or if I'm feeling particularly attacked, "...I can see
you've experienced that."   But that's under severe attack. <S>

Hang in there.  


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