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request easy vegan recipes

I work in a group home where the residents eat the typical SAD diet. Five
days a week I have to bring dinner for myself. I am looking for easy recipes
that will travel well back and forth in my car that are Vegan (I include
honey in my Vegan diet) and have everyday ingredients in them that I could
find in my kitchen. I don't really like to cook, but I really need to start
eating healthier  (I need to stop relying on all those expensive
pre-packaged vegetarian/Vegan meals). I am looking for simple recipes that
don't take a lot of work.  I am up for trying anything if it is easy to
make. Also since it is just for me, if the recipe is a serving for one that
would be wonderful, but I know that is usually not the case (I am not good
at taking large recipes and converting them to lower servings). Thanks in