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recipes website that looks great.


I'm basically just a lurker here.  I'm Jane Warr, in Toronto, Canada.  I am close to vegetarian and eat low fat daily, as well as exercise up to 10 hrs. a week, including being back in training for my second ever half-marathon, in May.  I am constantly looking for low fat recipes, and that is why I like this site.

Therefore thanks too to everyone's posts in the past.  I have enjoyed them very much.

I just came across several sites all owned by the same company to do with recipes.  I have no affiliation to them whatsoever, they just look good enough to pass the info on to you all.

http://www.SoupRecipe.com interested me the most as I'm always looking for soup recipes in the winter, and they do have a vegetarian section.  They do not list nutritional info unfortunately, so I'm not too sure just how low fat they are....but I'm sharing none the less.

They are also part of breadrecipe.com, cookierecipe.com, and many more.  Enjoy!

Thanks in advance,
Jane Warr, HEALTH FOR LIFE Consulting
Nutritional Consultant