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re: London

When you get to London, go to a bookseller and get a copy of
Vegetarian London by Alex Bourke and Paul Gaynor (or get it from
Cruelty Free Living, 18 Jarvis House, Goldsmith Road, London SE15
5SY - or call 0181-986-4854 to find out where they are available).
It's the best 5 pounds you'll spend there.

This pocket sized paperback has 316 pages of valuable information on
where to eat, where to shop, what to see and even where to stay
(veggie bed & breakfast), not only in London, but also in many other
locations. It's also fun to read. Includes maps and tube
(subway) stops.

Until you are able to get this book, try any Crank's (lots of them
around) or Food for Thought at 31 Neal Street, Covent Garden area.
Surprisingly, Pizza Hut in London has a variety of excellent and
inexpensive veggie & vegan pizzas, too.

Some famous churches (Church of England) have excellent vegetarian
places to eat, mostly lunch. The cafe at the London School of
Economics (Aldwych) and the Jubilee
Market upstairs in Covent Garden are all central. There are hundreds,
maybe thousands
of veggie places in London.

Indian restaurants often have veggie specials, but they are usually
high in fat. I wasn't able to find one that I could eat comfortably

Aloha pumehana mai Hawai'i nei  (Warm aloha from Hawaii)