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Flax Seeds

The recent discussion about flax seeds makes me want to
share the important information I have learned about it.

It is
> my understanding that unground flax stays OK in jar type
> storage, but once it has been ground, it must be kept
> frozen or it will deteriorate.  That is not just
> refrigerated, but in the freezer section.
> I buy flaxseeds by the pound in the HFS, take them home,
> grind them to the consistency of corn meal, put them in a
> freezer container, and keep them frozen, taking them out
> only to use what I need for the moment and putting them
> back in.
> Personally, I would never buy pre-ground seeds from a
> because you would have no way of knowing how old they
> or how they had been stored but if the seeds are not
ground, it really doesn't matter all that much.

To make flaxseed meal, use a blender or coffee mill
> to grind the seeds to the consistency of corn meal.  As a
> general rule, 2/3 cup of flaxseeds makes  one cup of
> You can also add a teaspoonful of flax to your morning
> breakfast cereal but do start out with caution.  It can
> make you very gassy until you get used to its effects! 
> Start small and work your way up.
> Jo in Minnesota