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source for dried veggies and powders

In response to Amy's request for parsley juice sources:

I haven't seen parsley juice but I'm I did recently find another
interesting site.

Long part of story:
Originally, I was looking for tiny bits of dried fruit which my
toddlers love and my favorite local produce store (Fairway, in NYC)
was selling stuff from Kariba Farms but Fairway stopped carrying it
and I found company's website and started ordering directly. 

Short part of story:
www.karibafarms.com seems to carry a lot of dried fruit and
veggies. Many items are organic and/or have Star K Kosher
certification. Some of the veggies seemed interesting....so I figured
I'd pass the info along. (I have no relationship with the company
other than the fact that I've just received my second order for their
dried fruit gems.) They do have recipe suggestions for using some of
their products.

   Beet           Organic powder
   Broccoli       Organic
   Carrot         Organic, puffed
   Celery         Organic
   Garlic         Organic, chopped
   Ginger         Organic powder
   Lotus Root     Organic*
   Onion          Organic, chopped
   Parsley        Organic, flakes
   Pepper         Organic, green Bell
   Spinach        Organic powder
   Vegetable Medley Onion, garlic, carrot, tomato, broccoli,
	                parsley & celery
   Vegetable Mix    Onion, garlic, carrot, tomato, green & red
	                pepper, and parsley 

p.s. What they lack in web page design, they more than make up for in
processing orders. I called in my orders and received them the next