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Tofu and Ornish

In 1998 Dean Ornish began recommending at least one full serving of soy a

Because my diet consists largely of whole foods with no fat added, I feel
free to include tofu (in moderation) as my primary source of daily soy. On
the few times I've bothered to check, even with tofu my fat intake is still
under the limit suggested by Ornish.

In Eat More, Weigh Less by Dean Ornish is one of my favorite recipes, Baked
Tofu Cutlets. (Thanks again to whoever posted the recipe last year on the
FatFree list.) When I "went vegetarian," homemade Baked Tofu Cutlets and
purchased Boca Burgers and Veggie Dogs provided the taste and texture I
needed to make the transition entirely pleasurable.


>I notice a few recipes posted which include tofu as an ingredient.  

>Being on the Ornish diet (at 10% of calories from fat) I stay away from
>tofu since about 35-40% of the calories in tofu come in the form of fat.

>Do you calculate that a bit of tofu is OK if the rest of your intake in
>non-fat?  Or do you use some "nonfat" form of tofu?