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brussel sprouts and archive of past fat free digest issues

hello!  happy weekend to everyone!

two quick questions so that we don't have to work too hard on the

#1  does anyone have any great recipes for the beloved cruciferious
veggie the "brussel sprout"?  we love
      those little green heads!  but you don't see many recipes for
them!  they  grow so abundantly out here in
      california.  it is even more wonderful if you can still get them
when they have just been harvested and they
      are still on the long stalks!

#2  is there an archive of past fat free digest issues that we might
access on line for all the ones that
      we have missed? when did you begin the digest?    ....obviously
47 issues ago.   we have only half of them and
      would very much want to make up for what was missed.

many thanks for a great forum for all of us who are wanting to eat
better and enjoy the bounty we have
been blessed with....

peace and angels be with you...nancy and terry  >i<