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Things I like

I will be sure to post the tofu and chick peas recipe on Monday.  It's
really very good and I'm happy to share it with all of you.  I have to
find the recipe though.  I've gotten used to making it myself but I know
that my measurements may be off so I prefer to give you all the exact
recipe.  I actually have a few other recipes that you may or may not
have.  I'll post those too!

As for the help I'm looking for, I really am in need of recipes that
don't call for spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, or eggplant.  I don't mind
cooking with tomato sauce or tomato paste but I HATE tomatoes and I
always have to pick them out.  We like peppers too (red, green, yellow,
etc.) but don't really like the green ones cooked.  I'm a big pasta and
rice fan but I stay away from white refined flower.  My husband is very
picky (he won't eat anything with cheese in it, near it, around it).  He
really believes that food can't be good without some type of meat in it.
I know there has to be some recipes out there that are vegetarian that
would blow his socks off.  He does eat spaghetti without meat in the
sauce now but that was like pulling teeth, he says it's so bland.  So, I
would appreciate any help here.