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fermented black soybeans and mock fish sauce recipe

Hi everyone,

   I was recently mixing up a batch of fake fish sauce and was again
   finding it difficult to mash up the black beans. (These are the
   chinese fermented black soybeans that come coated in salt, not the
   ones you use for black bean soup.)

   I tried putting them through my garlic press instead of soaking
   them first and it worked great!!  (Of course, it was a little
   difficult to clean out the garlic press afterward but no worse than
   when I run ginger slices through it....) I love my Zyliss Suzi
   garlic press which comes with a little red plastic piece to help
   clean the holes.

   For those who are interested, here's the recipe....I think I sent
   it in once before

   Newsgroups: rec.food.cooking
   Subject: vegetarian substitute for fish sauce
   From: jkandell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jonathan Kandell)
   Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1993 01:19:47 GMT

   I experimented with vegetarian substitutes for thai fish sauce in pad
   thai last night and had very good results with this mixture:

   instead of 1/4 C nam prik (thai anchovy fish sauce)
   use....    1/4 C soy sauce plus a little water
	      	with 3 T miso with 3T fermented black beans soaked in soy
		sauce and sherry....  [available in oriental markets]

p.s. I have no relationship with the Zyliss company