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Hi, all,

I just received my last order from Harvest Direct and was very disappointed.
They are now part of the Mail Order Catalog and have discontinued selling bulk
grain.  I had ordered hulled barley and amaranth for the first time and can't
find it reasonably anywhere else.  I was really looking forward to trying
them.  Anyone have any suggestions as to where else to look?  I have no local

For Angela, most whole grains have a 1:3 ratio of grain to liquid and vary
only in cooking time.  Things like whole wheat couscous, quinoa, and bulgur
cook very quickly (15min), where rices, millet and barley have approximately
the same timing you're used to.  Quinoa is great because it's so rich in
nutrients and amino acids but it's so small that I add some to my brown rice
partway through the cooking time.  My kids don't like it by itself because
it's "too grainy" (I think they really mean just small - they hate couscous
for the same reason and that's not the least bit grainy).  I love it, and wild
rice, too.  It has a totally different taste than regular rice, and Trader
Joe's sells it for a fabulous price.  And there are always potatoes!  Hope
this helps.