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Re: Mini-Crockpot

> Regarding Kathleen's request for ideas with mini crockpots. I may have
> posted osme information on that. The cret is to get one that will heat
> well enough and not just melt stuff. Mine is rated at 75 watts I think
> but it would be nice to have a higher wattage. What do I do with mine?
> 1. I put whole oats in the crockpot at night and turn it on. In the
> morning the oats are really delicious. I use 5:1 ration - water to whole
> oats to make a creamy cerial in the morning. I suppose other grains
> might work - I haven't tried yet.
> 2. I live alone and go out doing things like swimming. Before I leave in
> the morning I though lots of cut-up vegetables in a pot and bring them
> to the boil and actually cook them for about 20 minutes. Then I transfer
> them to the crock pot. When I arrive home around noon I enter a house
> that smells great and welcoming. I can sit down to a nice vegetable stew
> immediately.
> The small size is great for me since I live alone.
> I don't think there is much cooking that takes place in this small size
> pot which I why I cook the vegetables before putting them in the pot -
> it keeps them hot and perhaps helps them cook a little more. I am not
> sure what this does to the nutrient value - the psychological value is
> great.
> I have now developed my 'weekend - save food - soup idea.' I clean out
> my fridge on Saturdays and put what vegetiables I have left over into a
> large pot and make a vegetable stew. I than freeze this in meal size
> portions. Now I plan to use the small crockpot to reheat these packages
> when I am going for a swim or yoga etc..
> I think this little things is great and is poart of my daily routine. I
> fear it will wear out soon and I shall be hunting for another as soon as
> it does.
> Cheers
> Roy