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Soaking dried beans or peas

In a message dated 2/14/99 6:22:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, fatfree-
request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes: [while sharing a recipe that involves black-eyed

<< Note 1: soak the peas for at least 4 hrs (or 2 C fresh or frozen/defrosted)

If you have a microwave, you don't have to do that. Put them in a glass bowl,
covered with water (as much as you would normally soak them in), microwave on
high for 15 minutes (I place waxed paper loosely over the bowl to prevent
spatters) and then set a lid (I use a plate) over the bowl for another 15
minutes (out of microwave). Then drain (some say beans are less gass producing
if you pour off the soaking water) and cook as usual.

This works for any bean or pea that needs soaking before cooking.

I like this because I never think far enough ahead to cook something that
takes soaking beforehand.

Laura Kennelly