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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #345

To Jan who was looking for a yummy, veg-friendly restaurant in the Times Square area of NYC.

There's a no-frills Mexican take-out place called I think Taco Fresco on 42nd Street between Broadway & 6th Avenue.  It's next to a Duane Reade (big drug store).  Cheap, filling, yummy burritos, rice & beans, etc.
Like I said, though, it's definitely no-frills.  There's always a very long line at lunchtime.

Manhattan Chili Co. is on (I *think*) 41st Street between Broadway & 6th Avenue.  It's a hip, sit-down type place.  Not completely veg, but deelish.  Check the Yellow Pages for complete address.  Actually I haven't been there in a while. Hope it's still there.

Ninth Avenue in that area has lots of good Italian, Chinese & Thai restaurants.  If the weather is nice, you could just walk around & check out the menus posted in the restaurant window.  I promise, you won't have to look far!