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Veggie Corn Dogs

Hi there - 

I'm not sure about the veggie hot dogs, but I am a corn dog fanatic (I think
that comes from working at a carnival as a kid) and hated giving them up
when I became a veggie. Morningstar Farms makes an excellent veggie corn
dog. I find it a fun and easy way to get kids to eat enough veggies. My
neices and nephews always complain when they stay with me that I only have
"fake meat" to eat. So, I did what any self-respecting aunt would do - I
lied and told them these were full fat real corn dogs bought especially for
them. They all ate them and loved them. These are one of the few veggie meat
replacements I have had where I can honestly say I can't tell the
difference. They aren't fat free, but are very low in fat and delicious.

Thanks -