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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #235

>In a message dated 8/25/99 10:01:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>janiecep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
><< But i see it has Grape Nuts cereal in it >>
>I have yet to see a grape nuts fat free cereal,.am I missing something?
   Yes, I think so.  There is a certain amount of fat in all
grains, this list doesn't preclude the use of grains.  I
have a box of Post Grape-Nuts, the amount of fat in a 1/2
cup serving is 1 gram.  The serving has 210 calories, 10 of
which are from fat.  This very small amount of fat is the
fat which naturally occurs in the grains.

  The ingredients are:  wheat flour, malted barley flour,
salt, and yeast.

  I think we shouldn't forget that we NEED some small
quantity of fat to exist and be healthy.  The "fatfree" name
of the list doesn't really mean literally fatfree, it means
"low-fat foods with no added fat." 

Pat Meadows