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Great shopping in Vancouver

I discovered a great store this weekend in my neighbourhood. For those
who live in the lower mainland area of BC or in Washington State, you
may want to check it out:

Gourmet Warehouse
1856 Pandora St (lane entrance)
ph: (604) 253-3022

They have all kinds of neat foods, many veg friendly, as well as cooking
utensils, all at good prices. I recently bought one of the 'chop chop'
flexible cutting sheets that was recommended on this list for $5 at a
dollar store. The warehouse had the same thing for $3.97.

re: Bonnie's question on OJ & Calcium, broccoli, spinach and other dark
greens are excellent sources of calcium but it's tough to say what kind
the manufacturere would use in the OJ - you should check with the
company, but if oyster shell is the cheapest source, that's probably
what you're getting.