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Re: parsley - easy

This absent minded cook would always forget the parsley that
would get shoved to the back of the frig.  So I did pretty much
what one person detailed - washed, chopped, and froze it.

Then one day, I got really distracted.  I washed the parsley,
cut the stems off close to the leaves (while grasping the
bunch tightly in my hand), and just shoved the whole leaves
in a zip-lock freezer baggie.  Threw the baggie in the freezer
and forgot about it.

Guess what - when parsley is frozen whole, you can just squish
the bag with your fingers or lay the baggie on the counter and
smack it with the palm of your hand and it breaks up the leaves
just as if you'd spent the time to chop it up!!  What a time saver -
I've never chopped parsley since.

(just remember to wash it before freezing)