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MORE fat free brownies....yummmm!

hello all you fat free brownie lovers...AHHH HOME MADE BROWNIES!

we have been loving all this dialogue on the fat free brownies all week.
there is nothing like a good, chocolatey, chewy brownie.  no matter what
else is going wrong/right in your life, a rich fudgey brownie and a cold
glass of whatever you love to wash it down with cannot be beat and seems to

make the whole world smile and look a lot better, right?

well, it keep in step with the rest of you who love brownies as much as we
do, i am going to throw in our favorite.  we MUCH prefer the home made
versions.  we did try the wonderful zucchini brownies/cream cheese frosting

posted by beryl this week. they were heavenly. don't miss this one
especially if you have an abundance from your gardens harvest of that of
your good meaning neighbor or co-workers.  it is a winner!  thank you

we have also tried 'no pudge' and they were a wonderful mix brownie.  we
found ours at trader joes' too.

but what we have been enjoying for the past few years now can be found in
MOST larger grocery stores chains.  this fat free brownie is by a company
that has made mixes for YEARS....i believe it is close to 80 years their
p.r. people tell me.  the company is "continental mills" they make ALL the
KRUSTEAZ pancakes, muffins, corn bread etc.  i am sure you have seen them
in your store and maybe even enjoyed them yourself.  did you know they also

make a fat free brownie?

we have loved their fat free muffin mixes for those times when you just
can't make it from scratch.  normally, like the other mixes, all you do is
add water and bake.  they have several flavors, our favorites being the
apple cinnamon and the wild blueberry.  they have also had a banana and a
orange cranberry.  ALL FAT FREE. depending on what store you shop they may
not have all the flavors.  i have  used the mixes to make a coffee cake as
well.  just mix as directed, spoon into a round or square baking dish, bake

for about 25-30 minutes and test with toothpick...time depends on your

the FAT FREE BROWNIES are EXCELLENT......we make them often and my husband
enjoys them in his lunch at work.  they make 16 two inch brownies.  120
calories each.  fat 0  cholesterol 0  sodium 180

to the mix all you add is 1/2 cup of HOT water and mix....follow the
instructions from there.
we have found after ALL the times we have used these is that if it says
'bake for 3-35minutes' we have taken them out and tested them at 20
minutes....brownies can  be HORRID...if you over cook them....so about at
the 20minute  mark, test with your finger pushing in the middle of the
pan...if it springs back  gently...take them out and and allow to cool.  if

you over do them they are dry and yuuuuky.  you, well we do, want a brownie

that is moist and fudgey and we  have found with OUR oven that run a bit
hotter that the 20 minute mark has worked perfectly every since....try

after cutting them, we pack them in a rubbermaid container separating the
layers with waxed paper..they keep nicely tightly covered for a few  days
to a week.

i have included the url for the  KRUSTEAZ  FAT FREE BROWNIES.  i first went

to the home page for the continental mills (very interesting reading) and
followed it until i went directly to this product...i was sure you would
not mind.

one there, i found that if you look closely when you get to that page,
there are RECIPES for using the fat free brownie mixes..i have not tried
these yet!   today was the first time i have seen them myself so i don't
know if they step over the fat free line...but check them out soon. i love
to  have fun playing with the boxed recipes and recipe suggestions and see
what dreamy brownies YOU can come up with.

..like all good recipes and mixes..they to me only represent a starting
point for YOUR ideas and creativity.  they are a spring  board or a
canvass like the artist can use to create his or her own work of
art....this mix  can be just that for you and for me.....and if all else
fails....just make a batch, TRY to stay patient until they cool and enjoy
to your healthy hearts content!

here is the url for the KRUSTEAZ FAT FREE BROWNIES:

we hope you love these as much as we do.  the other mixes are great but if
you can find these in your own larger markets....just think of the postage
and shipping YOU will save...that makes the treat all the sweeter, doesn't
it?  most store managers are more than happy to order the product for you
if they carry the company on their shelves...they can order the specific
mix...just ask...

have fun and enjoy those brownies no matter how you make them...it is one
of the few pleasures of life that is left and brings back those warm and
fuzzy memories of our youth.

angels be with you
~Friends are Angels who lift us to
our feet when our wings have
trouble remembering how to fly.~

~May the sweetness of Angels bring
such Joy to your heart and Peace to
your life.  Angels are with you~

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