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i don't relish this thought at all...

hello to you all...i feel like you are all like family, after all we
have all shared deviled eggs and relish together and that seems to
happen when families get together for celebrations, family reunions,
holidays, picnics....just a few of the many miracles of life.

since we have all shared and discussed the glories of the yolk free
deviled egg and even the pro's and con's of the lovely pickle relish, i
feel like you are all friends that i greatly appreciate!

but you know...you really NEVER know a person until you find out "if
they are a relish lover or not"....so this very subject might have been
the telling tale for many of us....

well, this is my tale of woe that i pray one of you can help me with.

as i was munching on the last of the stuffed eggs, we were trying
unsuccessfully to download our e-mail yesterday.  nothing happened.
after a frantic S-0-S call to our mail server, we found that they had
totally wiped out our entire e-mail center.  we no longer had ANY of our

cherished files, ALL MY FAT FREE DIGEST'S ARE GONE!  no address book,
all my hundreds of prize bookmarks, the recipes....all the letters from
family and friends and future friends are now gone.
nothing can be done but to grab another egg, and start over and re-build

our "computer kingdom".   we love our little green iMac (erin) so much
and now to have him look so empty is heartbreaking.  i had bookmarks and

files for reference that would have made many libraries envious.  i
loved researching recipes for friends....i loved saving each and every

i have to go on now and rebuild.  i want to start by rebuilding my FAT
FREE DIGEST files, but in the expulsion of all my files, the file with
the instructions as to "HOW TO ACCESS THE FAT FREE DIGEST
ARCHIVES"....is gone too.   out of the ashes rises the phoenix!

could someone, one of you nice people, and i don't care if you are a
"relish person" or not! under these circumstances, at a time like this,
can over look just about ANYTHING!!!!   could one of you please tell me
"HOW" do i find the FAT FREE DIGESTS past issues/archives so i can start

to slowly rebuild those files.

for this kindness i would be most appreciative.....i would offer to make

you a plate of deviled eggs (with or without any relish) for such a
gracious gesture of kindness but....i am hoping a heartfelt THANK
YOU....will be enough for right now.

in response to riki....

riki, thank you for saying that the FAT FREE CREAMED CHEESE idea was a
good one, that was nice of you and to forgive me the relish weakness....

with regard to the "color yellow".  i guess it is all in the "eye" of
the beholder.  your "maze" might be my "jaundice".

you are an artist, riki....as you know the yellow palette covers quite a

vast spectrum...so i would not dare to suggest that you add any
artificial yellow coloring to enhance the "goldenrod" or "yellow ochre"
you might be wanting to achieve with your filling....maybe if you choose

a mustard with more color intensity that might fit the bill nicely.  the

dijon that we love (trader joe's) might be a bit on the whimpy yellow
side, but then the color works nicely for us.  please let me know what
you come up with that works for you.

i will be anxiously looking forward to some one replying to my request
for the archive procedure.  then you know what i will be doing this

bless you all....thanks for being so thoughtful and kind....you make the

world so much sweeter.
nancy and her "empty" little erin (green iMac computer)

i know that God will not give me anything
that i can not handle.  i just wish that He
did not trust me so much...
   mother teresa
the sweetest of angels be with you...