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pickles and weight loss

> Patricia, thank your mom for straightening out the pickle relish
> confusion.
> So the original version has bread-and-butter pickles.  This
> certainly makes
> more sense to me, if I am correct in remembering that b&b pickles
> are *not*
> sweet, or at least not nearly as sweet as commercial pickle
> relish.  Is that
> so?  Please check with Mom if necessary. TIA.

Bread and butter pickles, at least, the homemade kind, do not have corn
syrup in them, which is what makes store-bought relish so sweet. The flavor
is less sweet than that, but not at all like dill pickles, for example. My
mother also tells me that lime-water pickles are good for deviled eggs, but
I have NO idea how you make them. But I do remember them, and they are VERY
sweet (kind of like the sweet pickles you buy in the store today). But as a
kid, I loved them.

So no one shoots me for still talking about the pickle string, I wanted to
answer someone's question about weight loss (I am sorry, I lost your
original message -- too quick with the D). I didn't lose much at all when I
just went from SAD to vlf, mostly because I ate the same things, just with
out the fat. When I started really switching my diet to a more healthful one
(like cutting out sugar, moving from white rice to brown, etc), it did
impact my weightloss in a  positive manner. If your friend is getting really
frustrated, have her start changing some of her meals from processed foods
(like pasta, for example) to whole grains and baked potatoes. They are much
more filling for a fewer number of calories. (And despite what we'd all like
to believe, to some extent, calories do count.)