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Re: Potato Salad Dressing ...

Tina -- what a lovely name! ;-)  I know exactly what you mean about 
the potato salad battle.  Although I grew up on my Mom's potato 
salad which was made with Miracle Whip, a little mustard, and (here 
we go again) sweet pickle relish, I prefer something a little less 
sweet.  As such, I use Reduced Fat Best Foods (or some other 
unsweetened mayo) and dill pickles.  It's one thing to have to argue 
your preferences with the in-laws, it's something else all together 
to have to battle over food with -- gasp! -- your very own mother.  
:-)  In any case, it's ALWAYS a fight to be heard over my family -- 
especially when food is involved!  LOL!

Best wishes,
Another Tina in Southern California -- where we are enjoying 
surprisingly cold weather for April!

>The big argument with my hubby's family is about which main 
>ingredient to use for potato salad dressing - Best Foods Mayo or 
Miracle Whip.  A MAJOR  faux pas to mix up potato salad dressings 
>with opposing family members. What a LOUD fuss to be heard! LOL!