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Re: oil substitute

Hello...I replace eggs in baking with the EnerG egg replacer.  There are even
of recipes on the box.  I replace oil and butter in baking with applesauce.
is usually done measure for measure.  I like to experiment.  My cookbooks are
all marked up.  It might not turn out quite right the first time, but I keep
Using the applesauce will change the texture noticebly, but we think it is still

just fine.  I feel the EnerG egg replacer gives just as much loft and binding
as the eggs did.


LifesPoem@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi, I am trying to eat a more ff diet, but I was looking through my cookbooks
> and most of the recipes require oil.  Is there a good substitute?  Also, what
> are good substitutes for butter and for eggs?  Thanks.