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Re: Sticking to it

In a message dated 4/29/99 8:39:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
deborahs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< My problem is this--My partner is a junk food fanatic.  He loves to cook 
hamburgers on the grill, wants to go to Dairy Queen every day and says that 
everything I eat "tastes like dirt."  HELP!  What can I do to promote a 
health diet for our home.
You know I have had my family on this diet for over 2 months now,..and nobody 
in my house has ever said anything but...this is so good. Hamburger taken 
care of get Bocca burgers they taste no different than burgers on the 
grill,...if buns are must so far I have found sunbeam hamburger buns have 
half a gram of fat,..now ice cream,..hagandaaz has great no fat ice 
cream,...edy's as well,.the rest kind of leaves you going hmmm something is 
missing,..ok entenmens has three so far great deserts,..cheese filled coffee 
cake,..lemon pastry and chocolate brownie,..oh and also the 4th is the pound 
cake great for strawberry shortcake, which coolwhip has no fat whip cream as 
well,..let me know what he likes and I will compile a list for you,..and keep 
it up,..I just found out I have dropped from an 18 to a 14 in these meager 
few months with no exercise, which I now am encouraged to add in.
bright Blessings